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Hi I'm Freya, I'm 15 from Western Australia :) The bookstore is Elizabeth's second hand bookshop in Perth if you're wondering

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oh what! notes?
Q: Where do you buy oversized jumpers?

uhh general pants, myer, nasty gal pretty much everywhere sells them it’s just a matter of finding one you like ( I recommend the Kenzo sweaters but they’re a bit pricey)

asked by Anonymous
Q: How do you stay fit and healthy x

I’m not fit or healthy so I wouldn’t have a clue sorry

asked by Anonymous




Dion Lee
Q: if u could have the whole of any store what would it be, one online and one offline?

online i would either pick asos or nasty gal simply bc i love pretty much everything nasty gal has but asos  has so :) much:) clothing:) 

offline i must say zara (does that count bc they do have an online store?)

asked by Anonymous
Q: do u have siblings

yea i have an older brother and younger sister :)

asked by Anonymous